Our goal is to offer unique, and unusual sweet treats that actually taste as good as they look. To do this we use only real ingredients and make everything by hand in small batches. Plus, every single treat we make is patiently hand decorated by our bakery artisans. It's our passion - and we love sharing it with you.
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Welcome to Sweet Batar!

The Completely Edible LARGE Cookie Box! - a Batar Exclusive
Our exclusive Edible Cookie Boxes come in two sizes (as seen in the top left photo) and are made from sugar cookies, royal icing, and gum balls. Looking for something really special for your dessert table, or need a truly unique gift? Let us custom design and bake one just for you. We can match any party theme, or an individual's personality. Not sure what you want? No problem, we'll work with you and come up with some fun ideas to make your box very special. Large Cookie Box holds 18 matching mini cookies, or you can fill your box with your own special treats. Large boxes are on display in our Sweet Shop but not for sale - these are custom designed and made to order. 
Order at least 7 days in advance. 

Approximate size is 5"W x 6.5"H x 4"D. Price: $49.95*
*some designs may cost more if more intricate design is requested.

The Completely Edible SMALL Cookie Box - a Batar Exclusive
These are a smaller size and make great party favors or gifts for kids. Custom designs are available. Boxes will hold 16 matching mini sugar cookies, or you can fill them with your own sweet treats! Order 7 days in advance. Approximate size is 3"W x 4.5"H x 3"D. Price: $29.95*
**some designs may cost more if more intricate design is requested.

The Completely Edible Heart Box - a Batar Exclusive

Made with vanilla sugar cookies and royal icing, these Edible Heart Boxes are a beautiful gift for all ages. Each box contains 5 matching mini heart sugar cookies. These are custom designed per your theme or colors, and made to order. Each Heart Box comes in its own box. Approximate Heart size is 4". 
Order 7 days in advance. Price: $19.95*
*some designs may cost more if more intricate design is requested.

Gourmet Rice Cakes!

Our Gourmet Rice Cakes are big and gooey! With over 10 flavors like S'mores, Toasted Coconut, Caramel Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter, and more new flavors every month.

Hand Decorated Sugar Cookies
(Sorry, we do not offer custom designs. Select cookies from our in-store sweet shop - designs change seasonally)

Our soft, vanilla sugar cookies with royal icing are made completely from scratch with real ingredients - no mixes, preservatives, gums, or shortcuts anywhere. We carry a variety of cookies in our Sweet Shop on a weekly basis with flavors and designs changing seasonally. Prices range from $2.25 to $9.95 per cookie. 

We Got Classics!
Big and soft semi-sweet Chocolate Chips, Sugar Cookies, and Snickerdoodles. Try our very own dark chocolate Turtle Bars, or Double Dark Chocolate Brownies too.

Your Favorite Dipped Chocolate Treats
We carry your favorites like double dipped peanuts, as well as some great new flavors this year: Sea Salt Caramels, chocolate covered Cherries covered in Cherry flavored white chocolate, and dark chocolate dipped Espresso Beans. Yum!

Please feel free to call or write with any questions you may have:
P) 812-522-8617  
(If you get our answering machine please leave your name and number SLOWLY AND CLEARLY. Sometimes we can't clearly understand your message and are unable to understand your phone number and return the call.)

• Sorry, but for now we don't ship or deliver Sweet Shop orders.
• We carry some of what you see above in our Sweet Shop on a weekly basis. Large quantities are available by order. 
• Sugar cookies will store for up to 7 days if sealed well and stored in the refrigerator. They will store for up to 6 months if sealed well, and placed in the freezer. Defrost slowly in the refrigerator (about 4 hours), then uncover and bring to room temperature.


Ruth Ann said...

The turtle bars are DELICIOUS!

Anonymous said...

The food and candy is all great cafe batar is the best place to eat.

Unknown said...

The cookies are wonderful! I have never seen anything like these in all my travels around the globe. They are delicious and beautiful!!!!!!!!!! My sister has also sent me some to Washington state and they did arrive in great condition but I realize that cannot be guaranteed. Keep up the wonderful designs and when I am in Indiana I will stop by for a treat!
Judy from Seattle
19 November 2015

Anonymous said...

My girls and I come to Batar most of every weekend and love it so much! The cookies are amazing a long with the food! The service at Batar is like no other and we love it every time!

Anonymous said...

When I was really young, I came here once. I had some sort of lavender flavoured something, it was either fudge or some sort of cookie, maybe chocolate? But it had the most wonderful flavour and I've still been searching for it for years. I'm still unsure of what it was.

It was square and shaped like a piece of fudge, but was pale lavender and sort of heathered or speckled with darker lavender and purple.

Anonymous said...

The food and candy is all great cafe batar is the best place to eat.
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